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Pay off your debt with the snowball method

Debt. That four-letter word that sends shivers down our spines. Like freshly fallen snow, debt begins as tiny snowflakes, slowly building up over time. But as your debts compound, especially credit card balances with high percentage rates, loans, and revolving accounts, that accumulating mound of snow can quickly turn into a crushing avalanche of credit nightmares.

How can you shovel your way clear of a mountain of debt? It takes a plan, a commitment to dig yourself out, and the focused discipline to realize your goal. Read on to learn the secrets that can return you to financial freedom.

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Welcome to our new website

It's a big moment for us. After a lot of work and planning, we're proud to introduce our new and completely redesigned website. It's a reflection of our growth and the expansion of the variety of personal and business services we offer. From accounting to tax, audit, along with personal and business advisory services, Ross-Stern & Associates can help you in many ways.

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