Business Tax Problem Resolution


Experienced, successful tax audit representation for business clients

Business tax audits before the Internal Revenue Service or state taxation boards can be a complex, time-consuming experience. Even if you have made every effort to properly comply with often highly complicated tax regulations, you can still receive an audit notice.  

The tax professionals at Ross-Stern & Associates are experts in resolving IRS and state tax board audits as well as tax debt resolution. Our team provides insight, guidance, and representation. We have represented numerous business clients before the IRS, the California Franchise Tax Board, the City of Los Angeles, nearby cities/counties, and other state tax boards, often resulting in “no change” audits.

If necessary, we can negotiate an Offer in Compromise or installment payment plan that minimizes the impact on your business finances. In many cases, we have successfully halted penalties, released liens, even reductions in the projected taxes due. 

Our Tax Audit and Problem Resolution Services include:

  • Filing back taxes owed
  • Negotiating the scope of an audit
  • Contesting tax audit summonses
  • Representing clients in meetings, examinations, negotiation sessions, and appeals with IRS, California state, county, and local, as well as other state tax authorities 
  • Handling administrative appeals
  • Securing fast-track mediation
  • Advising clients on dispute resolution alternatives
  • Assessing and formulating strategies for minimizing tax penalties
  • Preparing and filing Offers in Compromise
  • Producing voluntary disclosures
  • Preparing penalty abatement requests
  • Preparing and filing release of liens and levies
  • Arranging deferred payment arrangements and installment agreements

Ross-Stern & Associates is ready to assist you on any IRS or state tax audit matter. Contact us today or call our office at 818.776.0399 to discuss how we can help you resolve your business tax problems. 

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