Audit & Assurance Services


Complete Business Audit, Compilation, Review, and Preparation Services

Successful businesses and non-profit organizations are built on the trust and assurance that their financial operations, cash flows, and internal controls are sound, and comply with laws and regulations. That is why having a quantitative assessment of  your internal controls and financial reporting is critical for achieving your business objectives.

Depending on your needs, an audit, compilation, or review of your financial operations and internal controls can uncover problems, help prevent fraud and misappropriation of assets, recommend best practices to improve productivity and profits, while minimizing your cost of capital.

Ross-Stern & Associates has years of experience conducting audits, compilations, and reviews for growing small and mid-size businesses. As a trusted independent partner dedicated to your success, we can assure your audited financial statements conform with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

Having an audit by Ross-Stern & Associates can increase the value, credibility, and consistency of your financial statements and internal controls, provide insights into business processes that allow you to make informed decisions, enhance investor confidence in your management, and help reduce your cost of capital.

Our expert audit and assurance services include:

  • Comprehensive audits, reviews, compilations, and preparations
  • Preparation of comprehensive financial statements and related footnote disclosures in accordance with GAAP
  • Review and analysis of internal accounting controls
  • Review and corroboration of assets
  • Forensic accounting and fraud/embezzlement investigation
  • Audits for non-profit entities
    • Preparation of Federal 990s and related Federal and State filings
  • Attestation agreements
    • Agreed-upon procedure engagements to evaluate performance under contracts
    • Reporting on financial forecasts and projections
    • Reporting on pro forma financial information
    • Compliance attestation
    • Reporting on an entity's internal controls
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
    • Transaction advisory services
    • Valuation services
    • Financial due diligence
    • Post-transaction financial statement audits

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